Our Vision:

Be among the foremost drivers of the next industrial revolution.
We are building the next generation software platform that accelerates the development of connected distributed industrial controls and automation systems for industry 4.0 and smart factories of the future.

Manufacturing is in the midst of fundamental changes. Several years of advances in information and communication technologies govern the world. This technologial revolution has not nearly arrived in manufacturing processes yet. The next generation of manufacturing will follow some fundamental principles:

  • The change in customer behavior moves from mass production to personalized production.
  • This leads to concepts of re-configurable manufacturing systems.
  • Which requires modularization of production units.
  • With the consequence of increasing complexity.

Our claim is:

At Automation of Things, we offer a software development platform to handle the complexity of modern control systems. We combine the backing of private, international investors with years of experience in machine automation and manufacturing process, to launch revolutionary software tools for industry ready to embrace modern design patterns and communication technologies at the control level.