FourZero™ is a software platform to create and support next generation controls, automation and cyber physical systems.

The typical master-slave controls architecture makes it both difficult and time consuming for designers to deploy and change applications across the wider array of devices and operating systems in use today. The emerging industrial IoT applications compound this challange with a need to scale devices, and support new devices quickly. Designers need agility, flexibility, and efficiency, but current approaches are akin to how software was developed before the advent of object-oriented programming. Decades-old and inefficient development tools do not support reuse of code or the ability to support an agile process. It simply takes too long to create and deploy control systems. And, once developed, changes are too difficult to make. The result is stifled innovation.

AoT’s FourZeroTM software platform simplifies and automates the creation and management of controls and automation applications that use embedded systems, programmable automation controllers, or industrial PCs. The platform supports rigorous requirements of typical real-time control system while incorporating technologies that are now widely used in the consumer IT industry. With FourZeroTM engineers develop applications at the system level and then deploy across a variety of supported sensors and devices—without recompilation.  Designers take advantage of re-usability, interoperability, portability at the system level to create products that are dependable, secure, reliable, and scalable. The result is an order of magnitude savings in both time and cost.FourZeroPlatform


  • Allows for the design and testing controls at a system level
  • Eliminates hardware dependencies
  • Speeds the development process
  • Leverages the state-of-the-art IEC 61499 automation standard
  • Eliminates redundancy and increases code re-usability


  • Potential 10X savings in controls development, test, and support costs
  • Hot-swappable changes to logic application without recompilation
  • Scalable to support device proliferation with the Industrial Internet of Things