Automation of Things (AoT) was founded in 2014 to optimize how the world creates and manages embedded controls and automation systems. As the industry begins to reap the benefits of connected enterprises, including increased automation and more immersive and real time user experiences, engineers need an ability to more efficiently create distributed control systems that are intelligent and connected. Today’s systems need to support rapid change while maintaining high reliability, low failure rates, and security that can scale to the emerging world of the industrial Internet of Things. AoT addresses these challenges, saving an order of magnitude in development, test, and deployment time and cost.

In 2016 we introduced our FourZero™ software development platform, built to simplify and accelerate the design, deployment and management of embedded systems, programmable automation controllers, and industrial PC-based controllers. FourZero gives controls developers a modern, object-oriented way to design software applications that are virtualized instead of hardware dependent. Once deployed, FourZero automatically handles hot-swappable changes to applications across a wide array of devices in order to more easily scale to meet the needs of today’s industrial Internet of Things.